About ICEA
The Insulated Cable Engineers Association (ICEA) is a professional
organization dedicated to developing cable standards for the
electric power, control, and telecommunications industries. Since
1925, the objective has been to ensure safe, economical, and
efficient cable systems utilizing proven state-of-the-art materials
and concepts. Now with the proliferation of new materials and
cable designs, this mission has gained in importance. ICEA
documents are of interest to industry participants worldwide, i.e.
cable manufacturers, architects and engineers, utility and
manufacturing plant personnel, telecommunication engineers,
consultants, and OEM'S.

ICEA is a "Not-For-Profit" association whose members are
sponsored by over thirty of North America's leading cable
manufacturers. The technical development work is performed in
four semi-autonomous
Sections; namely, the Power, Control &
Instrumentation, Portable, and Communications Cable Sections. In
addition there are currently two very active major
Advisory Committees, one for Telecommunications Wire and Cable
Standards (TWCS TAC) and another Utility Power Cable Standards