ICEA Document Re-authentication

ICEA is a “Not-For-Profit” association whose members are
sponsored by over thirty of North America’s leading cable
manufacturers. The technical development work is performed at a
cost born by the sponsors. In order to keep the sponsor cost from
becoming prohibitive, ICEA depends on standards sales
revenues. As a consequence all ICEA Documents are copyrighted.
In order to prevent the illegal transfer of electronic copies of ICEA
Documents they are authorized for use on a single computer. They
will not be functional on any computer other than the computer
they were initially downloaded to.

We recognize that an individual user of ICEA Documents may have
to change out their computer and need to move their existing
documents to the new computer. If you need assistance with
transferring ICEA Documents to a new computer or re-
authentication of previously purchased ICEA Documents, please
contact either Robert E. or Mike F. at IHS Customer Care at: +1 800-
447-3352 (U.S.) or Or you may contact
ICEA Headquarters at