More on the Technical Advisory Committees . . .
The Technical Advisory Committees (TAC) have been organized to
provide a broad background of industry expertise and knowledge
for the purpose of developing wire and cable standards,
establishing international consensus positions and providing a
forum for discussion of industry technical problems.

Members of the Technical Advisory Committee are qualified by
technical involvement with the types of cables under
consideration, and are committed to actively participate in and
contribute to the committee. They may be:

1.  Manufacturer sponsored Members defined as those persons
who are members of the Insulated Cable Engineers Association,
Inc. (ICEA)
2.  Direct-User Members defined as those persons connected with
organizations that directly specify requirements or actively use
cables of the types under the Scope of an ICEA Section.
3.  Associate Members defined as those persons connected with
organizations other than ICEA or direct users and who have
interests closely related to the use of the cables under